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Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager 6.32.1

IDM manages and accelerates downloads, updated for Windows 10

Internet Download Manager is a download manager tool that sorts out everything: files, images, videos... It's perfect for optimizing your download speed and easily organizing your files.

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    its good ........

  • Chandra Sekar

    by Chandra Sekar

    it is a good download manager and whatever be the content to download it does well

  • Braden Dodge

    by Braden Dodge

    It was great, used to work just fine, now it gives many errors when trying to download stuff, it works in FF like MAYBE 20% of the time, the devs have the gall to blame FF and completely ignore their customers by not updating to work with the new FF. Last update was months and months ago. Very poor customer experience IDM, what happened? I have since move on to jdownloader.

  • Paul Anderson

    by Paul Anderson

    Not bad, but would need a free full alternative also for mac or android (chrome) even if it's a crack

  • Anya Monde

    by Anya Monde

    the number one among other download manager. it the best download manager i have ever use in my life. with it i am finish. Pros: it is compactable with all brower

  • shwesin preeke

    by shwesin preeke

    i really like it. it is so good and useful for me and if it has not in my computer i will trouble.

  • Abdul Wahab Munir

    by Abdul Wahab Munir

    It`s #AWESOME. It`s to good and it`s work very fast without any issues.I love IDM. Pros: It`s speed. Cons: Nothing.

  • by Mohamed Farah Ahmed

    The king,best and the highest quality software for downloader is IDM.. I think that Internet Download manager is the king downloader of the all internet programmes through websites. It the highest technology that working the best manner and the highest speed of downloading a long programme within a short time. Pros: Internet Download Manager and the all other sofwares for Softonic. Cons: Nothing

  • by Anonymous

    GOOD AND FAST. Good and faster. And it helps to download anything very fast. Its done. Pros: DOWNLOAD. Cons: EVERYTHING

  • jimi nour

    by jimi nour

    amasing. wow what amasing i download manager, very fastastic i like it. very

  • by Anonymous

    easier downloader . internet download manager is useful software.we can easily download

  • by Anonymous

    Loving. best for all of software any video any audios I love it but it can not work after 30 days can u help me what is the key of Internet Download Manager Please For God Say Help Me I'm Nothing Without Internet Download Manager On The Internet. Pros: Manager. Cons: Any Keys

  • by Anonymous

    serial number. what is the serial number of internet download manager because each time i want to make use of it they keep telling me invalid serial number.

  • by Anonymous

    it was satisfactory. great and reliable. but i think it needs a longer free version.

  • by Anonymous

    Please let free for those who can't afford.. Its very helpful. And would you please arrange free scheme for those who can't afford?

  • by Anonymous

    it is very workfull app and helpfull.. IDM is the best app for windows. i like it very much wow. wonderfull app thank you ..... to that person who make ot... thanxxx a lot... Pros: it shows download option in every file. Cons: nothing needs to improve.. it is allright

  • by Anonymous

    best free internet manager. i think it is the best free download manager, thanks a lot.....

  • by Anonymous

    good. it is good app and helpful to download video ... just click something ... and you will get something...

  • by Anonymous

    A acceptable software for the decade. Student looking for job from India This software is so cool that now I am able to download my online course videos and also my favorite movies also PDF file and what not and also keep track of my downloaded content. Thanks

  • by Anonymous

    Awesome...speed and Capacity... World No.1. World's fastest download manager for internet !!! Ossom....!!!

  • by Anonymous

    same like others. similar like other managers.not special. i used it but i do not like it.

  • by Anonymous

    It's really good software for downloading.. It's really good software for downloading. I'm so happy with it. Pros: fast. smooth. organaize

  • by Anonymous

    Cant reinstall too many Times without you serial getting blacklisted.. Its great and I had paid for it but if you formate and reload your system to many times it will blacklist your serial number and they want you to pay again.

  • by Anonymous

    Doesn't work for me. Doesn't matter how I configure, it doesn't make my downloads significantly faster. Everything else doesn't matter. Pros: Nothing. Cons: Doesn't speed up downloads

  • by Anonymous

    Complex and doesn't always work. It's rather complex. Has some nice features, but you need to learn how to use them first (which can be a problem). Pros: Powerful. Cons: Complex. Doesn't always works as I need it.

  • by Anonymous

    This site awesome to me... I used this software from this web (Softonic) and felt lucky and enjoyed ...

  • by Anonymous

    yeh ek bahot accha internet download manager . this is very good internet download manager .these fast dowload it.

  • by Anonymous

    Its really Great. its too good. No problem in installing. running. and downloading. all previous problems are resolved. Pros: Downloading Spedd. Cons: nothing

  • by Anonymous

    good. good waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • by Anonymous

    Incredible. I am using this software and am really happy with this, its simply the best download manager. Pros: its speed. its user interface. Cons: only capture downloads for specific files. not integrate well with IE9