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Gregory21796 On Softonic since September 2016

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"It sucks & is horrendous."

You don't mention that it is by FAR and AWAY more expensive than ANY of its competition. And, that's just for One license... with Internet Download Manager, is unique in that you have to pay this Exorbitant license price for EACH computer or device that you use it on.

It is basically a rip-off of other people's technology, anyway. In every way.Show me something they have that they haven't copied directly from somebody else, who invented the Technology.

Plus, they install Spyware that will Track to make sure you only use it on one Computer. It will perform various unwanted Tasks without your knowledge or Permission.

And, it will constantly connect to the Internet and transfer data, even if you have a legitimate licensed version....there is no shutting it off!

  • free trial wreaked havoc on System.
  • Exorbitant Astronomical Price 4 EACH License!
  • Constant Spyware & Unwanted "Dialing home".

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23 Sep 2016

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